As the youngest daughter of a passionate home baker I have vivid memories of sitting on the kitchen tiles with my sisters being allowed to lick the spoon and progressively help with bigger tasks like mixing the batter and weighing the ingredients. My first apron was plastic with rows of teddy bears on it and I LOVED it. When my school friends came to visit they always knew there were 4 or 5 containers in the bottom of the pantry filled with homemade delights. This was the norm and I grew up loving baking.

After 6 years in a corporate environment in New Zealand and London I moved to Durban to follow love and found myself a little lost in a completely new country. After 18 months of settling in and working in a marketing administration role I decided to challenge myself and head back to study. I always knew baking was a passion as I would pour through cook books and food magazines and find joy in baking and creating new recipes. However turning your hobby into work is challenging but South Africa is absolutely brimming with entrepreneurial spirit so if it was going to work it was going to be now!

Going back to study full time was thrilling and a little bit daunting but I absolutely loved it. After a 12 month program which included theoretical study, practical classes and industry training at Old Town Italy and the Litchi Orchard (Yoli’s Bakery and Lemon Canary) I qualified with a City & Guild International Diploma in Patisserie. It felt amazing. But was I ready to run my own business? I didn’t know the answer to that but decided to jump in anyway. I started small and slowly, officially launching forever&cake in February 2016 and it flew! It was incredible to see the response and hear the wonderful feedback. I now run my business full-time and employ 2 assistants to help me part-time.

I am very proud to say we use traditional patisserie methods and high quality ingredients to ensure the best final product.

We treat each order with a completely personalised approach so you can customise your cake and sweet treats to your celebration.

We offer cakes, iced biscuits, pastries, desserts, sweet treats, macarons, cupcakes, cake pops and more.
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